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Founded in 2014, The Online Jobs Network is now a leading company helping people find real jobs they can perform at home.  Many of our clients have found a home job that fits their needs.  We are a global company that has helped people from many different countries.  We understand your struggles in finding a job.

We have a directory with many different job categories and over 100 companies looking for people like you, to complete tasks for their businesses.  You complete their tasks and you get paid by them directly.

Once you join you are guaranteed immediate access to our members area. Inside, there is an organized menu of job categories.  Click on the category to browse the jobs currently available. Then, once you find something that sounds like it is for you, follow that businesses instructions to apply.  They will contact you about your new job soon after.

About the jobs listed inside:

Our jobs listed inside are real jobs that pay you.  You do not have to pay them for anything.  They are NOT "business opportunities". Not that starting your own business is a bad idea, it just isn't for everyone. So, if you are looking to start your own business, you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to earn extra money completing tasks like the ones listed below, you are in the right place.

We feel great knowing that we are providing a needed service to both you and the companies that need you.  Below is an example of some jobs available in our member area:


Who these major companies are looking for:

The companies listed inside our database are looking for people from all countries that have a desire to work at home. People that can commit to working from home and want a serious job that they can do in their spare time.  They are looking for people all over the world.  The biggest thing they are wanting is to make sure you are serious about working for them. 




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Jobs for the motivated business professional. Jobs included here are also some that are located in Sales & Marketing section

Jobs involving Typing, Writing, Transcription, Research, Education, and Administrative work.

Jobs for Graphic Design, Cartoonists, Amateur and Professional Writers, Illustrators and Amateur or Professional Photographers

Jobs involving Phone and Email Customer Service, Support, Mystery Shopping, and Telemarketing.

Jobs for  Engineers, Programmers, and IT.

Jobs for people that can manage money and are good with numbers or math.

Jobs for people that are good with people

Jobs that did not fit into any of these other categories. Quite a few unique jobs for you in this section

Jobs for people who enjoy selling and marketing. Plenty of rewarding and good paying jobs in this section for you to choose from.

Jobs for Transcription and Medical Transcription

Jobs for people who can design web sites, programmers and graphic artists.

Jobs for people that have and don't have any experience writing. Jobs include creative writers, reviewers plus many more.

About The Online Jobs Network

How it Works:

The Online Jobs Network searches the internet on the behalf of its members and finds them online jobs that they can do at home.  All work to be completed is done over the Internet using the remote workers' computer.


  • The Online Jobs Network takes every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of our members. You would be hired as an independent contractor (IC) and certain inherent risks do exist. Here are some things to consider:

  • Job security - When you're an employee, you must be paid as long as you have your job, even if your employer's business is slow. This is not the case when you're an IC. If you don't have business, you don't make any money.
  • Employer provided benefits - Many employers provide their employees with health insurance, paid vacations, and paid sick leave. More generous employers may also provide retirement benefits, bonuses, and even employee profit sharing.
  • Unemployment insurance benefits - ICs also don't have the safety net provided by unemployment insurance. Hiring firms do not pay unemployment compensation taxes for ICs, and ICs cannot collect unemployment when their work for a client ends.
  • Employer provided workers' compensation - Hiring firms do not provide workers' compensation coverage for ICs. If a work-related injury is an IC's fault, he or she has no recourse against the hiring firm.
  • Liability for business expenses - Most ICs are personally liable for their own expenses.

Earnings & Payment:

Earnings are paid weekly or monthly by paypal, payoneer, check or direct deposit. Other payment arrangements may be available depending on your country of origin. The Online Jobs Network does not withhold income taxes and you are responsible for adhering to all applicable laws in your country, state/province, city/town etc. The Online Jobs Network makes no specific promises or claims regarding income potential or probability.

You may be required to provide additional information specific to your preferred payment method which may include your home address, telephone number, income tax ID number, proof of citizenship, bank information, etc.


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